Activities and strategies


Every day the CEGI group provides its services to more than 700 SMBs,
 7 000 health establishments.

The Cegi Group was ranked 46th French software publisher in 2018 by the Truffle 100.

 It develops activities : Design, publishing and integration of vertical software.
CEGI group specializes in vertical software, and  develops global computing solutions (or ERP) for the following sectors:
• Clinics,
• Health care and social sector,
• Private and public hospitals,
• Retirement homes,
• Temporary employment,
• Security firms,
• SMB’s…
Today CEGI is one of the leading European software application publishers in the health care field, especially in the private sector: clinics, private hospitals, and the health and social sectors.
Our innovative solutions meet all the needs of these institutions, whether for administration, medical activity or treatment.

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